Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?

It seems that Cory, who designed this concept piece for TokyoFlash, is also a big fan of the Cheshire cat. I'm delighted with the decision to turn the popular character into a pocket watch. There's something wonderful about pocket watches — as antique as they are, there's a timeless magic to them (if you'll forgive the bad pun). Check out some more magical tech below. Before anyone comments (not that anyone does), wondering why less conventionally magical items are listed, it's because I'm interpreting the spirit of Lewis Carroll's classic satire, rather than the strict letter. Certainly, some of these next items lack the initial whimsy of the Cheshire cat pocket watch, but I think you'll agree, as concept pieces, they are a lovely hypothetical lark, and a bit mysterious in their own right. The Wizard photo frame misses its mark, however, and achieves a creepy effect rather than magically bringing still photos to life.
Cheshire Cat Pocket Watch Aston Martin Concept Phone

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